Hackers and Slackers II – Stanford Edition

Prospective Columbia early decision applicants are not the only ones who are impatient about their decisions.  Students waiting to hear from Stanford are anxious as well…and one thinks he (or she, but I'm assuming he's male) might have figured out a way to find out his fate several days in advance. 

On the angst-ridden website College Confidential, obsessed Stanford early action hopefuls have theorized that if their Admissions ID # gets them access to a welcome page on the regular Stanford Students' site, it is very likely they have been accepted. 

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Possible way to check admission status

I thought of an interesting way to check if you are accepted. All of us SCEAers received an email confirming that our applications had been received. This email contains your Stanford ID. Now, try making an account on SUnet (axess) https://sunetid.stanford.edu/main/SUNetIdApp/CreateApp

If you successfully make an account, you have been admitted, if not, perhaps rejection.

It didn't work for me, so I have likely been rejected. Tell me if this works for anyone.


The thread that follows (http://tinyurl.com/5qe5ys) is a collective panic attack – The method works for some applicants, but not for others.  Those who do have success are now worried that their admission will get rescinded.  Others think their #s work because they took a summer program at Stanford and still have access.  Can't wait to see if skscherTX's method was reliable - If so, maybe he can also come up with a method to change his decision if deferred. 


Hackers and Slackers II – Stanford Edition — 3 Comments

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