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I, the Neurotic Parent, have been tracking (obsessed with) our older son CJ (Cerebral Jock's) college admissions process since last March.  But that does not mean I have forgotten that I have a younger son, a ninth-grader, whom I will now refer to as BH – Brown or Berkeley Hopeful (depending on what happens with the economy) - formerly known on this blog as Brown'16).

Even though I have neglected BH for the last nine months, he has remained focused on his extracurriculars, and last week came home with his first high-school-level award, which we will save in a folder and report on his college apps in just three short years. 

The Award? The Triple King Challenge:

Here is what the certificate says:


(We deem you King of all Carnivores)

Awarded to:BH

At the: Brentwood Fatburger Restaurant

Witnessed by: Humberto

Date: 11/18/2008

Yes, my son, completely on his own, with odds stacked against him at 5'7" and under 115 pounds, managed to consume an entire Fatburger triple cheeseburger at one sitting.  Okay, he did leave off the pickles and onions, but it's a start – He has a head start on this significant EC….and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Quadruple King Challenge in his future.


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