Yale or No Yale – Results

A few weeks ago I posted the stats of three kids we know who applied Early Action to Yale.  Some details were disguised (i.e. Varsity Cross Country could be Varsity Tennis; Varsity Baseball could be Varsity Basketball; a double legacy could actually be a multi-generational legacy), but basically the thumbnail descriptions were accurate.

Today at 6 PM EST the decisions were released.  Thousands of off-the-charts kids were deferred or rejected, mirroring the experience of others who received decisions from Stanford on Saturday.  (Disappointed/irate College Confidential posters called these results "The Stanford Slaughter" and the "Bulldog Bloodbath".) 

So how did the Neurotic Parents' friends do?  Yale or No Yale?  Scroll down for the results in CAPS and exclamation points (because all the emails about kids' admissions seem to include both of the above).

Student A:

Caucasion male.  Attends top public school in a mid-Atlantic state.  Ranked #1 in his school.  2380 SAT, no prep, one sitting.  Captain, Varsity Cross Country.  Won a language prize and scholarship to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student.  Selected to do research in prestigous summer program - his evaluator said the student has the one of the greatest scientific minds he has ever encountered.


Student B:

Caucasion male.  Attends top private school in a western state.  2380 SAT, no prep, one sitting.  4.0 unweighed.  School president.  Varsity Baseball.  Star of every school play – Performed at European arts festival.  Winner of national competitions for two musical instruments. 


Student C:

Caucasion male.  Double legacy.  Attends small private school in a western state.  Three-sport athelete.  2310 SAT, superscore.  A bona fide genius – 4.0 unweighted without studying.  Started his own internet business – has many customers in Asia.


Coming in March: the Regular Decision Edition of "Yale or No Yale"

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