Universities of Hope & Change

It's been a relatively slow news week for college admissions stories because we have had a change of government.  The Neurotic Parent Institute has researched where our new leaders attended college, law school and graduate school.  (DISCLAIMER: Research was conducted on Wikipedia, but everything seems accurate enough.)

So…Does it matter which school you go to?

Barack Obama – Occidental, Columbia, Harvard Law School

Joe Biden – University of Delaware, Syracuse Law School

Hillary Clinton – Wellesley, Yale Law School

Eric Holder – Columbia, Columbia Law School

Rahm Emanuel (Chief of Staff) – Sarah Lawrence, Northwestern

Tom Daschle (Health & Human Services Secy) - South Dakota State

David Axelrod (Sr. Advisor) – Univ. of Chicago

Valerie Jarrett (Sr. Advisor) – Stanford, Univ. of Michigan Law School

Susan Rice (UN Ambassador) – Stanford, Oxford

Robert Gibbs (Press Secy) – North Carolina State

Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security) – Santa Clara University, Univ. of Virginia

Desiree Rogers (White House Social Secy) – Wellesley, Harvard

Gregory Craig (White House Counsel) – Harvard, Cambridge, Yale Law School

Timothy Geithner (Treasury Secy-Designate) – Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins

Ken Salazar (Secy of Interior) – Colorado College, University of Michigan Law School

Steven Chu (Secy of Energy) – Univ. of Rochester, UC Berkeley

Eric Shinseki (Secy of Veteran Affairs) – U.S. Military Academy, Duke

Hilda Solis (Secy of Labor) – Cal Poly, Pomona, USC

Lawrence Summers (Natl. Economic Council Director) – MIT, Harvard

Reggie Love (Personal Aide to the President) – Duke

And, newly updated:

Jon Favreau (Speechwriting Director) – College of the Holy Cross  (Thanks to a reader for correcting me on this – I originally mixed him up with the actor/director, who went to Queens College in NY.  And how bizarre is it that there are two almost-famous people named Jon Favreau?)


Universities of Hope & Change — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t forget Gen. Jim Jones (National Security Advisor) – Georgetown (played forward for the Hoyas b-ball team).

  2. Obama’s credential are still NOT in order. No official academic records. No official birth records. No record of his name being changed to obama but a certain record of his name being Soetoro in indonesia.