Front Page News

Life is difficult for seniors who don't know where they will be living and learning next year.  But it is even harder for journalists who are dying to write about how ridiculously selective college admissions have become, but don't yet have the statistics.

Here is an overview of sensational college-related stories that have appeared on the front page of major newspapers during the last few weeks:

1. From the LA Times: UC Wants the Truth on Student Applications

This is about how the UC's randomly vet 5-6% of their apps.  If a student says she was the lead in the play, they want proof!  Send in a video of your solo or at least a copy of the program.  And if you can't get your coach to say your were really the captain of the wrestling team, you might as well withdraw your app.,0,2545627.story

2.  From the NY Times: The Big Test Before College? The Financial Aid Form

This piece states that it is indeed more difficult filling out the FAFSA (standardized financial aid form) than taking the SATs.  There are even prep courses and independent counselors that charge an arm and a leg to help you prove you are aid-worthy.

3.  From the Boston Globe: Economy lifting college prospects of the well-heeled

For students applying to college, it's a very good year to have strong grades and deep pockets. Especially the latter.

The Neurotic Parent has determined that these articles – and many more, in nearly every major newspaper – have been written to keep college on the mind of readers throughout the country.  Just one month from today, the barrage will begin: true documentation of how this was the most difficult year to get into college in the history of the world.

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