Recent Rumors Reported to the Neurotic Parent:

1) An admissions officer from a prestigious LAC called the parents of an applicant to find out whether the family would be paying full tuition if their daughter were accepted.

2) The husband of a world-famous iconic political figure approached a Stanford alum at a dinner party and asked if he could help his daughter get in.

3) UCSB turned down more students from Beverly Hills High than ever before.  (This officially makes UCSB the new UCSD.)

4) Wash U St. Louis waitlisted almost all applicants with 2350+ SAT scores because of Tufts Syndrome (they assume the superstar applicants are just using Wash U as a safety and will not attend, thus lowering their yield and screwing up their US News ranking).  But many of the lucky few who were admitted received vouchers for airline tickets in their acceptance packets.

5) Contrary to media reports that it will be easier to get into private colleges this year, at least three top universities sent out kind letters to guidance counselors letting them know in advance that they sadly will be rejecting many highly-qualified applicants.

6) George Washington University, located five blocks from the suddenly-hip White House, is officially no longer a safety school.  Good luck getting in.


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  1. Okay, can I hazard a guess on CJ’s ED dream school? Is it Duke??? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve already been accepted to my own ED dream school, which I can only chalk up to my superior blog-decoding skills.