The Tables have Turned: Love Letters from Stanford

The tables have turned.  Those who were admitted to Stanford Early Action, which is not binding, have received personal handwritten notes from their regional admissions reps.   Some of these notes, and kind enticements designed to protect Stanford's yield, were posted by proud admitees on College Confidential:

"I admire your hard work in the classroom, with your community, and your family. I am confident you will continue to excel in the remainder of your senior year and I look forward to seeing the contributions you will make at Stanford. ¡Nos vemos pronto!"

I really enjoyed reading your answers to the supplement, particularly the one about a 'library superhero'. We need more people like you. Good luck!"

"You are a brilliant writer. i loved your piece on creationism and evolution.  I can tell that you are a deep thinker and Stanford will be lucky to have you."

Thanks to expert field work, the Neurotic Parent Institute has uncovered another batch of notes, straight from the Stanford Admissions Reps for the New Economy:

"Your essay about how difficult it is to be the only young prince in your Swiss boarding school class was riveting- Exactly the sort of diversity we're looking for at Stanford.


"I enjoyed reading the annual report from your grandparents' foundation.  Thank goodness they were not affected by the Madoff situation.  And what a thrill to discover that you are their only grandchild!"


The Tables have Turned: Love Letters from Stanford — 2 Comments

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