April Fools

You're in…..Oops – just kidding!

Here's a story about how UCSD inadvertently sent an email to all 28,000 rejected students telling them they had been accepted.


Meanwhile, here I am, blogging from the jungle.  Despite an all-day blackout, CJ managed to find out that one of his best friends was accepted to Stanford…and that other classmates and friends got into Yale, Dartmouth, Williams, Tufts, Penn, Wesleyan and Oberlin. 

But somehow the more caves and Mayan ruins I explore, all of this somehow loses its significance.


April Fools — 1 Comment

  1. When you said you were writing from the jungle I thought you meant the College Aceptance/Rejection Jungle..forgot you were in Belize. I am impressed that you are keeping up with everything from there.