Yale or No Yale – Final, Definitive Results

Time for the long-awaited decisions of three "embarrassment of riches" kids I know.  All received acceptances to Yale as well as to Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Williams, Duke, etc. etc. 

I know I promised to post these results on May 1st and feel terrible that my curious readers have had to wait an extra day, but I have some excellent excuses for my tardiness:

- Day job obligations took me to far-away meetings with low-battery Blackberry.

- Volunteered to help at time-consuming and emotionally-draining kindergarten reunion assembly

- Just when I thought it was all over, soccer mom stress escalated to a new high.  Look for a future post about the National Cup quarter finals, CJ's debilitating illness, the intrepid juniors who had to take their SAT IIs in Temecula (or race there from Calabasas), our teams' amazing PKs, and the urgent care doctor who proclaimed CJ free of all strains of influenza, including Swine. 

Now, back to the Yale results:

STUDENT A – East coast science genius/language prize winner/tennis captain/future Nobel winner accepted at Yale (EA), Harvard, Princeton, Penn, Duke, Williams, Amherst & Swarthmore.  FINAL DECISION: YALE!

STUDENT B – West coast superhuman musical genius/class president/basketball hero/future U.S. president accepted at Yale (EA), Harvard & Stanford.  FINAL DECISION: YALE! (Received gracious phone call from Harvard admissions office wishing him luck.)

STUDENT C – West coast out-of-the-box genius/three-sport athlete/next Steve Jobs/double Yale legacy deferred EA, then accepted RD at Yale, Brown, Penn, Wash U, Rice &Tufts.  Visited all six on his own last week. FINAL DECISION:  BROWN!

So it's two Yales, one Brown.  Imagine the feeling of the click that turns down Harvard, Stanford, Princeton…or Yale.  It's a good thing that the offspring of the Neurotic Parent did not have such a decision to make - CJ would probably not ever have glanced back at the roads not taken, but certainly I would have agonized about his missed opportunities for years.

Will keep you updated about the progress of these decisive young men, who are not only talented students, but know themselves well enough to select a school that's the right fit.

TOMORROW: Oberlin or No Oberlin (First in a series of Strange-But-True college admissions tales.)


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  1. So what school did CJ end up picking? Did I miss the decision in an earlier post?