Oberlin or No Oberlin – Strange But True Admissions Stories

One of CJ's classmates, TMTK (Talented Musical Theater Kid) was fortunate to receive acceptances to several of his top choice colleges.  After much deliberation, he narrowed his list down to two schools – Oberlin and Middlebury, then spent the next 15 days vascillating.  Finally, on the evening of April 31st, one day before deposits were due, TMTK called his parents from a rehearsal and told them that he had finally had made up his mind. 

He said he would be attending….Oberlin.

Thrilled that he had reached a decision (and worried that he would change his choice again), TMTK's parents volunteered to send in the acceptance card right then and there.  TMTK agreed and told his dad where to find the Big Envelope with the Oberlin info.  The smart father entered his son's room, and located the card.  But there, underneath his pile of acceptances there was a small unopened envelope, also from Oberlin.  The dad tore it open and found a letter from Oberlin stating that TMTK was the proud recipient of a $50,000 scholarship…an unexpected award that proved that there IS a higher being making sure that "they all end up in the right place".



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  1. OK this will bring me out of lurking to comment. Very very funny. You gotta love teenage boys.