I've moved on from my bedding obsession, partly because I became busy with real work and partly because it got very boring, even though I did learn a lot about some innovative fibers, particularly modal. 

Thanks to everyone for all the support, especially ETPB (Esteemed Therapist Phone Buddy), who shared my sudden addiction.  Her take is that this is the last time we have any control…the last time we will provide a mattress enhancer, or in her case a winter jacket.  But another friend, who ended up going minimal BB&B, thinks our bizarre behavior spends from a last-minute intrinsic compulsion to protect our kids and help them be comfortable.

Either way, many thanks to TGDP (Talented Graphic Designer Pal) for the intervention.  Whether or not there is merit in spending time searching for the perfect bed riser, TGDP pointed out that everything gets trashed immediately anyway.  Check out this impressive young man's freshman dorm room at Penn.

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