Below is the extent of our son's communication with us (by BBM), since we dropped him off.  Our A/A-student seems to have picked up a multiple final letter texting disability,making him sound like a preteen Jonas Brothers fan.

Did you like your compsci seminar? Yaaa

How was the activity fair? Funn

The convocation photos look cool – Greattt

Is it still as hot as when we dropped you off?  Nooo

How was brunch? Goood

Have you done the laundry? Yaaa

And…the only info he's volunteered:

I've been playing a ton of ping pong.  (Finally – No immature multiple letters…But he did add a "ha ha")




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  1. My secret to getting reasonably loquacious return texts? I ask about some specific thing that I could not care less about but which I know is deeply important to them (Top Gear and allowance spring to mind first).