Found and Lost

A month ago, my tenth grade son, BH, and I attempted the impossible.  We made a pact to devote the month of January to screening 103 episodes – all five seasons – of Lost, in preparation for the new and final season set to air on Tuesday, February 2nd. The good news is we have managed to see 86.5 episodes, but you don't need BC Calc to know that means we still have 16.5 to go before February 2nd. 

This endeavor has promoted quality mother-son bonding, but hasn't left me with time to blog.  I have much to report: feedback about a Yale acappella concert I attended, news about my lunch at the Polo Lounge with a Real Admissions Dean, CJ's adventures in rushing a fraternity, and an update about all the qualified seniors we know who are biting their nails. 

But until I find out whether the Oceanic 6 return to the island, I will share links that everyone has been forwarding to me.  The first is a piece from the Chicago Tribune describing the not-so-rare home-for-winter-break species.  The second is Yale's new Glee/Bollywood-inspired admissions video.,0,2609232.column


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