Poll for Readers – Important

Thirty pages of this blog will soon be published in a book of essays, due to hit the bookstores on July 21st.  Although I am not making the big bucks, or even the small bucks, this is my chance to be an essayist…to be showcased with such accomplished individuals as Anna Quindlen and Janet Maslin.  Fame is just around the corner.

So…My question to readers: Should I use my real name – and risk BH's higher education opportunities? What if he applies to Cornell and they read what I said about their ugly bedspreads?  Or should I stick with the mysterious and compelling "The Neurotic Parent," in the hopes of turning this into a huge franchise?


Poll for Readers – Important — 5 Comments

  1. I agree – keep Neurotic Parent. It has a certain je ne sais quoi, plus it’s mysterious and compelling.

  2. That’s funny Judy. I was asked to make Cornell bed throws by my client who is a Cornell grad and has donated his architectural design services. Of course like every other job, it has been put on hold. Sounds like they need them. Sari