The Calm Before the Storm

CJ has, shockingly, become a productive young man.  He lined up both an internship (at a website) and a job (at a beach club grill) this summer.  Between the two, he works seven days a week, setting his alarm, puts on khakis and shaving every single morning.  With the exception of one wild rave, his hours off have been filled with cleaner fun than I had at his age – swimming, watching the World Cup, and even driving to Barnes and Nobel…he has turned into a reader.

Meanwhile, BH knows that any second I'll be hassling him about the Chem SAT subject test. So since he returned from his summer program at Columbia, he's trying to get in as much down time at the beach and unsupervised parties as possible.

And I've been hit with the developmental need to take my family to the other side of the globe to see the migration of half a million wildebeest.  Once I realized that all four of us were actually available to leave the continent for the same twelve days (and that we'd only had three dinners together all summer), I somehow managed to convince Mr. NP that an eco-tent experience would be good for family bonding.  So we've packed our quick-dry underwear and in five days we're off to keep those memories coming.


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