A Vacation from the College Process: Other things to be neurotic about

Parents, if you want to get your mind off the upcoming pleasures of junior year, like the SAT subject exams, cliched essays and lost community service hour reports, just plan an African vacation.  There is no end to the potential causes for anxiety:

1. Bird-eating spiders

2. Human-crushing hippos

3. Reaction to probably-unnecessary yellow fever vaccine

4. Reaching the proper decision about whether to spend $450 pp to go up in a balloon for 45 minutes

5. Somali terrorists

6. Terminal 3 – Terminal 5 transfer at Heathrow

7. The possibility of one of the kids sleepwalking out of the tent and into a cheetah's den

8. Killer flies laying eggs on quick-drying underwear

9. Losing our memory cards

10. Increasing rarity of family vacations

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