A Great Labor Day Read

I'm back from an extraordinary safari, which made me want to go back to college and major in photography, cheetah behavior or tent decor.  I managed to avoid hungry hippos and sleeping sickness, and I'm all ready for move-in (CJ) and a new round of college touring (BH). 

But if I manage to get a weekend at the beach, I'll be sure to pick up a copy of "I'm Going to College, Not You," a new book that nails the current state of parental involvement in the college process, due for release on August 31st.  Here's a quote from a preliminary Booklist review:  "Among the contributors, reflecting on everything from the beginning application process through move-in day, are Anna Quindlen, Jane Hamilton, the NeuroticParent blogger, as well as admissions directors of Smith and Colby colleges.  Parents will enjoy the humor, drama and poignancy of this collection."


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