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Great news!  A huge chunk of this blog has been published in a wonderful new anthology, "I'm Going to College, Not You: A Parent's Guide to Surviving the College Search," by Jennifer Delahunty, the Dean of Admissions of Kenyon College.  Jennifer is not only a much-beloved dean at one of the coolest liberal arts schools for creative writing, but she is also a talented writer herself.  Plus she had the clout to attract formidable literary contributors like Anna Qundlen, Jane Hamilton and one of my favorite blogger dads, David Latt.  And, the cover is very cool – would make a terrific film poster, board game cover or shower curtain.  This book will become the defining anthology of the '10's, because nobody wants to read about sex or vampires anymore, just about college.

I will be posting a more detailed review soon, but in the meantime, please click over to Amazon and purchase the book.  Jennifer has promised a free tour of the campus with a backwards-walking, Ugg-wearing tour guide to the first 50 readers who write good reviews.


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  1. YAY!! Just ordered it. Couldn’t be more timely for us…and I think the only way to survive is a good dose of your wisdom and humor..