Most important year of their lives thus far

Just when I thought I could spend my time worrying about CJ's dorm refrigerator (missing parts – has to be sent back to Target), I went to 11th Grade Back to School Night for GC, my HS junior son, who has now officially started the college search process. 

There was all sorts of great advice from the very wise deans, including:

– "It's all going to be great."

- "Don't worry if they are not yet intellectually mature, or haven't yet discovered their authentic selves."

- "Now is when they need to learn time management."

- "They should get to know their teachers," (for future recs)

and of course, the ubiquitous:

- "They will all end up where they're supposed to be."  

But one of the calm administrators did let it slip that this is the "most important year in their lives thus far," and everybody began to sweat.  And soon the entire room was secretly texting Tom the Tutor, the top SAT guy in town, who has doubled his rates since CJ used him three years ago.


Most important year of their lives thus far — 1 Comment

  1. As a high school senior almost three months into her school year (online home schooling), I’ve been in college mode for about two years.
    It really isn’t all that bad, in my opinion. Or, at least not for me. XD
    I’ve been home schooling since July of last year (the beginning of my junior year), and I think that has made it less stressful on me. The work is harder, but it opens up more time for me to spend on college research and question-asking to college forums (CollegeConfidential expecially).
    As far as applications go, I’ve already applied and been accepted to one school, will apply to a second in a week and a half, and a third in about three weeks when I visit their campus.
    I don’t know, I think I’m having an unusually non-stressful college search experience. XD