Dear Neurotic Parents of the Class of '12,

Get prepared for a mass freakout.  Here are the early decision/action results for several Class of '11 applicants mentioned in an earlier post.  As you will note, many ended up with deferrals, a frustrating limbo which means they must wait until April to contract senioritis.  And, even worse, they must keep their fictious Facebook names for a few more months – names like like Annie Goolash, Lucas Schtick and Drew Grit. 

This is probably not a statistically-significant group.  It is just a random selection of nice kids (enrolled in both private and public schools, mostly from CA, two from NY, one from Ohio).  Several of the cases below were absolute shockers – deferrals for kids who have written operas and discovered new planets. 

BU – deferred

Bowdoin1 – accepted

Bowdoin2 – deferred

Brown – deferred

Colorado College – accepted

Duke – accepted

Georgetown – deferred

Kenyon – accepted

Michigan – accepted

Northwestern – rejected

NYU – accepted

Penn (legacy) – accepted

Skidmore – accepted

Stanford1 (legacy) – deferred

Stanford2 (legacy) – deferred

Syracuse (Newhouse) – accepted

Vanderbilt – rejected

Yale (legacy) – deferred

WashU1 – rejected

WashU2 – accepted

Out of twenty, that's ten accepted, three rejected, and seven sentenced to Limbo.  Not really the "bloodbath" that many have mentioned, but neither is it the great relief/edge up that lots of kids envision.  The moral for the Class of '12?  1) Rethink "Early"; 2) Go to and discover you have Inuit relatives; 3) Xanax.




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