Questions from Readers

Q: Is it true that you have a deal to turn this blog into a book?

A: Yes.  It will be published on March 2nd.  And if GC is still waiting for admissions decisions, I will have to appear on the Colbert Report with a fake moustache. 


Q: Wow, that's exciting.  Will we have to read endless blog posts that we have already seen, or will the book include new material?

A: There will be plenty of new, depressing reasons why you should worry about your kid getting into college.  But because I'm not great with deadlines, there will be a lot of tried and trued stuff as well…even some of your comments.


Q: I am a major celebrity.  Can I write a blurb for your book?

A: As long as you don't expect me to help your kid get into college. 


Q: Are you planning to reply to the Tiger Scholarship Mom, who left a comment the other day?

A: You bet.  She made some great points – what's wrong with making your daughter write 67 essays if that helps her win all of her tuition money?  I am hoping that she will share some hints with us.  And maybe I can get her to help proofread.





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