A Mid-summer’s Reality Check

August is the time, according to all the specialists, to get a jumpstart on all the stressful tasks that define senior year. 
After a major research study, the Neurotic Parent Institute has created two different checklists for rising seniors, one for each gender.
August To-do List for Girls:
1. Finalize college list
2. Download Common App
3. Complete rough drafts of three short and three long essays
4. Set up appointment with college counselor for essay feedback
5. Contact teachers to ask for recommendations
6. Write thank you notes to above teachers
7. Take weekly SAT II practice exams
8. E-mail college admissions officers with well-researched questions about potential majors
9. Organize fundraiser to benefit Tanzanian AIDs orphans
10. Shop for college interview wardrobe
Most girls we know are well on their way to completing the tasks outlined on the above list, so they will be able to focus on their challenging senior year courseloads and SAT retakes.
Here is the August To-do List for Boys, which demands as much as they can reasonably handle:
1. Turn on computer
2. Download Common App
3. Take a break and go to the beach – Why stress now? That's what December is for.


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