Our New Look/Instant Decision

The paperback edition of this blog, Neurotic Parent's Guide to College Admissions, is now a reality, so I have redesigned my blog to match the upcoming book. 

Please remember that my kids are both FULL PAY, so be kind and preorder on Amazon, while you enjoy the new graphics.  (Thanks, Kate.)


Texts were flying excitedly yesterday when two of GC's friends found out they were accepted to Bard, the school that gets the Neurotic Parent award for the coolest admissions policy.  Here's the deal: You read Plato and Galileo, go to campus, discuss what you've read in class, and on the very next business day you find out if you've been admitted or deferred to one of the hippest schools in the nation.

Not only that, if you choose, they will refrain from looking at your standardized tests. 

And, best of all, once you're in, you can join one of these clubs:





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