Early Craziness

One of GC's friends just got the great news that he was accepted to his ED school.  I can't post more info here because, believe it or not, he hasn't told his parents yet. (UPDATE: They now konw. It is Cornell.) 
GC has other friends who are doing phenomenally in the process with acceptances to Dartmouth (crew), Grinnell (basketball), Bard, Wisconsin and Tulane.  Many others are waiting to hear about their Early status at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, WashU, Vassar, Michigan, McGill, Bowdoin, BC, NYU and BU. 
For those who have been accepted, the general mood is not "Wow – I got into my dream school," but rather, "Thank goodness I don't have to complete any more apps and can start to slack off immediately – Bring on the senioritis!"
But on College Confidential, things are different.  The Early applicants are still working on supplements for their second and third choice schools, while compulsively refreshing their emails every five minutes to see if decisions have arrived.  Here are some random posts from kids waiting for decisions:
(applied EA to Stanford)

In less than 24 hours, I — and 90% of all of you — will know, officially,


(applied ED to Dartmouth)
i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous my best friend and I both applied ED and she has such higher grades than I do…..ahhhhhgg
(applied ED to Penn)
I'm nearly certain that I won't get in, but I can't seem to move on with my life until I am explicitly informed by admissions.
(despite the username, waiting to hear from WashU)
Oh oh….Do you think they'll start posting decisions soon (not exactly tonight…but maybe tomorrow morning…or maybe even by midnight?).  I'm so nervous!
He/She should be nervous – what if WashU finds out his/her screen name?
(wants not only to be admitted to Yale, but to enjoy an entertaining internet experience)
I know this will sound dorky, but will the singing bulldog always be there every time you log in if you get in?
(applied Single Choice Early Action to Harvard)
I just found out 5 minutes ago, that the girl I have been falling in love with for several years applied to Duke ED. I want to go to Duke now. Whatever Harvard's decision is, I don't give a F*** anymore. I don't think I'm even gonna check my e-mail on 15th…
(another Harvard hopeful)
lol. i wish a guy would do that for me
Moral: Early acceptances are nice, but at the end of the day, what matters most is love.
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