Colleges are Human too – Vassar Edition

This NYT piece discusses a bizarre deja vu-ish admissions disaster that occured a few years ago at UC San Diego.  Apparently, the Vassar admissions people were "testing" their Early Decision II acceptance page and posted it the online accounts of 76 kids whom they meant to deny.

After receiving the temporary good news, the applicants were sent a message citing a “system error" and an apology for the mistake.  Sweatshirts, mugs and champagne had been purchased for naught, and the acceptees' elation soon turned into depression.  One girl, whose intent was to study computer science, was grateful for the karma of the event, though, and recognized the error as a blessing in disguise. 

“I want to major in computer science,” she's quoted as saying in an email, “and Vassar doesn’t even know how to use a computer on the biggest day of our lives.”

The Neurotic Parent Institute has organized an emergency task force to assist the parents of the 76 students affected by the Vassar error.  We will be offering ongoing therapy, as well as hand-holding for dealing with Vassar customer service agents (should you be polite or threaten to sue?).  We fully expect Vassar to generously offer a consolation package to the wronged studentes, including certificates for attendance at an Environmental Science lecture, lunch at Sbarro and a coupon redeemable for a shotglass at the bookstore.



Colleges are Human too – Vassar Edition — 5 Comments

  1. LR. Wonder, though, since the acceptance came via email how that stands up in court vs a signed letter?
    Meanwhile, the consolation package will also include an item from the Vassar shop: “I was accepted by Vassar and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
    Neurotically yours,
    Bunny and Bear’s mom