#Attachment Parenting and other #Trends

Mid-May Questions for the Neurotic Parent:

Q: What are some trends you have noticed about this year's acceptances?

A: Trend 1: Those whose kids were not admitted to the Ivies often described the outcome as "My child didn't get in anywhere." 

Trend 2: Less annoying and more poignant -  Those who were admitted to top schools often ended up choosing "lesser" schools because of better financial aid or merit scholarships.  So far, we have heard of students who chose Oberlin over Columbia, San Francisco State over Oberlin, USC over Brown, and Berkeley over Stanford. 


Q: Wait list action?

A: Today, at 12:15pm ET, somebody on College Confidential reported that a student at his or her school received a call from Harvard.  That will officially start the domino effect. 


Q: We understand that you are working diligently on a review of your book tour.  Can you give us a preview?  Is it true that Pleasanton, CA is more neurotic than Westport, CT?

A: Pleasanton and Westport have a lot in common -  both scenic, competitive suburbs with stunning libraries. But Pleasanton wins in the stress department: all the kids in town all seemed to live in the library.  No joke – dozens and dozens were still there doing homework at 7pm when my event started.


Q: How are you coping with all the end-of-school events leading up to your empty life as an empty nester…all the Thank You Coffees and Lunches, Senior Speak, Senior Dog Day, Senior Parent Night, Senior Show, the End of the Era cocktail party, the Lifers Assembly, the final Parent Association Thank You Breakfast, the last Fundraiser…and, of course, Graduation?

A: The worst part about all of the above is Mr. NP's reaction – other than worrying about money, he is not even slightly affected by this epic transition.  One friend recently blogged that she was "grateful to have (her husband) to share all the bittersweet tears we are shedding at the thought of this stage in our lives ending.  We both started to cry watching a Subaru commercial. It's that bad…"  Hmm…the only thing that could make Mr. NP cry is that he will be forced to spend money in the reactionary state of North Carolina. 


Q: What about CJ? What is #trending for college juniors?  That would have to be paid internships – even more of a parenting badge than college offers.  Here on the west coast, students have traditionally been elated to procure $17 an hour positions at WME, Disney, Universal and, of course, MTV.  But CJ's friends are in a whole other category: Many are headed to Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and other I-Banks (truth be told: before CJ went to college, he had never even heard of an I-Bank).  One or two are going to CAA, but to the New York offices.  But the Ivy League of internships would have to be Microsoft and Google…and CJ has fraternity brothers spending the summer at both.  Luckily, he managed to snag a prestigious position as well, because bragging about where your kid goes to college is so 2011. 


Q: At what age did you wean your children?

A: CJ at 18 months and GC at 12 months – shortly before I began to think about the college application process.


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