Lit = Litigation

Thinking of suing a college that didn't accept you?  Take a number.  This could be the hottest trend since the Semester at Sea in Somalia. While in a shop yesterday (returning an outfit I had deemed unworthy for the book tour), I overheard two customers discussing a CNN story about how a girl was taking legal action against Harvard for race discrimination.  

But when I googled the incident, I discovered that "lawsuit" was actually a complaint filed by an Indian-American (as opposed to American Indian – those guys are cool with their admissions decisions) against the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, targeting both Princeton and Harvard.  The complaint, which alleges “discrimination against Asian-Americans on the basis of race/national origin," suggests that those of Asian decent need higher scores to be admitted to top schools than students of other racial groups. I did, however, discover a similar lawsuit filed against UT-Austin that is actually making its way to the Supreme Court. 

And, according to recent research project conducted by the Neurotic Parent Institute, thousands of other parents would like to fight their own kids' rejections in the Supreme Court.  We are compiling the many gripes about the system that came up again and again on the NP book tour and will post the results soon. 


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  1. You laugh, but those of us in Massachusetts are seriously thinking of pulling an Elizabeth Warren and claiming our 1/32 Cherokee ancestry proudly in our appeals.