“Tango Lessons Can Get Your Student into Harvard” – Part I

I know you're all waiting for updates about how GC's friends are faring. I'm happy to report that despite one case of mono, a mild concussion, a citation for public urination and a complaint that "nobody on campus knows anything about indie music," they are all moderately satisfied to thrilled with their college choices.

There are reports about classes being "too hard." We heard about one freshman who became furious when he got his first "B" on an essay ever – not a grade used often in high school these days. But for the most part, everyone has settled in, joined a capella groups, attended football games and stayed up all night playing Settlers of Catan

One girl has even become enratured with 19th Century Literature, comparing her professor to the one in the Dead Poets Society.  "He even jumps on tables," she said. And a gap year kid we know is making great progress in Hindi.

Parents who are snooping on their kids' facebook pages have mentioned that it looks as if their college students have had access to a "dress-up box," the kind you'd find in nursery school. Even at the artsier schools one can see smiling freshmen in wild sunglasses, crazy tie-die, loin cloths, unitards, Native American garb, luau wear and Gangnam style parody outfits.

So with new college life under control, it is time to worry about the current class of high school seniors who are freaking out big time as they decide whether or not to apply early, and whether to mention their internships in London at Mulberry in their essays. 

One family, not too happy with their education consultant, is suing him because the $2.2 million they spent did not get him into Harvard.

What can get you in? Tango lessons, according to another Cambridge consultant, who contacted me through the PR firm he hired. And even if you take those lessons in Buenos Aires, as he advises his clients, they'll cost a lot less than $2.2 mil.

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