“Tango Lessons Can Get Your Student into Harvard” – Part II/Kayaking

Turns out the cutting edge test prep specialist who wanted me to promote him on this blog was fibbing about the tango lessons.  That student actually got into Cornell, not Harvard (not that there's anything shabby about Cornell).  Mr. Tango's publicist also had claimed that his efforts had resulted in an eighth grader's guaranteed admission into medical school.  When I asked Mr. T. about that, he said he had no idea why his website gave that info, and in fact, the early med school acceptee had been a high school senior.

Then he went on a rant about certain parents, as well as the administration and faculty of one of the Ivies.  Finally, he said, he intended to raise his rates for his wealthier students and start a Robin Hood model of test prep (teaching wrong info to the wealthy kids so the needy can snag their places? Hmm…there's an essay topic.)

So, that leaves nothing to blog about besides Parents' Weekend, a time when parents drop everything, fly across the country, have dinner with their kids, send out their linens to a fluff 'n fold, then go for a run because the students have too many lab reports to complete before the next dinner, when they will be seated with six friends at the other end of the table. 

One dad in jogging clothes in the elevator said that his younger son (at another school) had blown him off completely.  "I hope you didn't buy your Parents' Weekend plane tickets," he said, "because I'm going kayaking."


“Tango Lessons Can Get Your Student into Harvard” – Part II/Kayaking — 4 Comments

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