Home for Thanksgiving

The Good:

1. Best place to recover from a cold.

2. CJ has the answer for relatives who ask "What are you doing when you graduate?"

3. All, yes 100%, of GC's friends are thrilled with their college choices, though many say "It's hard."

4. Big guys can help their dad legally dispose of oil used for frying turkey.

5. Happy dog.

6. Chance to perfect my laundry skills.

7. A full season of Modern Family together, cuddling on the sofa.


The Bad:

1. Dad catches the cold.

2. Midnight snacks of stuffing while waiting for them to return home from numerous parties.

3. GC and Mr. NP were somehow sharing a cloud; in a remedy attempt, GC lost 50% of his contacts.

4. NPR in car now set to hip-hop.

5. Tailgating exists here as well.

6. The mess – beyond belief!

7. Five nights fly by….can I go back with them?





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