Top Ten Idiotic Questions Overheard at Parent Orientation

Here’s an eye-opening report from the field. HYM, one of my online pals, has spent two days smacking her head in disbelief as parents asked the most insane helicopter-ish questions ever at orientation for her son’s university.

Here are some of the queries, transcribed verbatim.

– “What is the curfew?”

– “Who cleans the rooms?”

– “Where do opposite sex overnight guests sleep?”

– “If i want to just show up and spot check my child without warning them can i get to their dorm room?”

– “What do you mean there is an attendance requirement?”

– Is there really an attendance requirement?

– “No but do you reeaaally mean there is an attendance requirement?”

– What is the difference between a Greyhound and a City Bus?

– “But. Are you sure you really mean there is an attendance requirement?”

– My favorite questions from the same parent..who actually asked them multiple times..”Now the meal plan is unlimited meals..what does unlimited meals mean?” “But how much is unlimited?” “How much can they eat on unlimited meal plan?” “How many card swipes on unlimited meal plan?” Poor students answering the questions were very patient in answering the same question, from the same parent, over and over! I know those poor kids wanted to yell “WHAT PART OF UNLIMITED DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!” One kid finally said “you can swipe it once every hour” just to shut the guy up.

Yes, it’s an epidemic. Parents are so used to controlling in high school, that when it comes to college and dorm life, they can’t let go. Can’t wait for the report from Parents’ Weekend.

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