I Had a Dream

I dreamt that CJ was home for an entire month, yet we only shared 3.9 hours of quality time:

- Vacation in Oahu (with three other families) – 33 minutes doing a jigsaw puzzle together in the early mornings.

- Screening of our old video montages after a cousins dinner – 18 minutes of togetherness on the couch.

- Shopping trip for hoodies – 23 minutes in the car and on the 3rd Street Promenade, broken up by marathon texting sessions and encounters with high school classmates.

- Orthodontist visit with adult braces guy.  Yes, CJ could have gotten there by himself, but I went along and read magazines in the waiting room, as if he were in middle school – 29 minutes.

- Dinner at Thai restaurant.  Conversation included analysis of Mr. NP's obsession with "Lost" and the origins of boba – 38 minutes.

- Packing for the two road trips he took (one to Mammoth, one to visit friends at Stanford) – 7 minutes

- Field trip to the Verizon store when his cell phone broke hours before he was due back at school – 43 minutes

- Ride to airport (does it count if he was sleeping?) 26 minutes

Since he might not come home for Spring Break, I'm looking forward to the summer when I should be able to clock 5-9 hours of quality time in four months.

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